Curently, Nihophawa has distributed two products lines of TOP syringe pump.

  • Syringe pump TOP 5300
  • Syringe pump TOP 5530

New technology, mordern design.

  • Year of manufacture: 2018 – 2019
  • Manufacturer: TOP
  • Meet international quality standards: ISO or FDA or CE. Provide enough user’s manuals, service manual in English and Vietnamese.
Bơm tiêm điện top 5300
Bơm tiêm điện TOP


TOP syringe pump has a modern design, easy to operate and configure based on purpose of use, suitable for clinics, hospitals, medical centers.

Bơm tiêm điện top 5300


  • Main unit
  • Power cord
  • Manual

Syringe can be used:

  • TOP, TERUMO, Automatic sizing (10,20,30,50 mL), 1%.

Below are some features of the syringe pump TOP 5530 distributed by Nihophawa in Vietnam.


  • High level alarms: Occulusion, overload, transmission completed, power off, power failure, pump failure, wrong syringe, incorrect syringe position, start error.
  • Low level alarm: Transmission nearly completed, no battery, low batter

Other requirements

  • Warranty period > 12 months, check every 3 months
  • Free maintenance after warranty period ≥ 12 months, check every 6 month
  • Provide spare parts for > 5 years with a stable price, ensure prompt delivery time.
  • Contract duration: ≤ 60 days

Train technical staff of the hospital as well as engineer team until using and maintaining the syringe pump proficiently.

Bơm tiêm điện TOP
Bơm tiêm điện TOP 5530

Functions of TOP syringe pump

  • Auto power off: If the device is left in the suspend state for three minutes, a buzzer will sound. If the alarm is not turned off, the device will automatically shut down.
  • Alarm repeat: During operation, if the alarm is not turn off after sounding within 2 minutes, it will sound again.
  • Power source switch alarm: There will have an alarm when changing the power source from AC to DC.
  • KOV function: When transmission completed, the device will automatically switch to vein holding mode at preset speed.

In addition, other functions of battery, volume limitation mentioned in catalog.

User manual

What is syringe pump?

Syringe pump is one of important medical devices used in diagnosis and treatment of disease. The device supports infusion process for patients with high-accuracy.

Can adjust and install functions of volume, injection time for syringe pump. This device is used in case high accuracy is required when injection. It also reduces the burden on doctors and nurses when treating.

What is syringe pump’s purpose of use?


  • Ability to inject a small amount of medicine into patients with high accuracy. This is what humans can not do perfectly.
  • Maintain medicine concentration in the body for a long time.


  • Inject exactly the required volume of medicine
  • Accurate timer.
  • Alarms of incident, speed adjustment, flow rate depending on patients’ condition.

Instructions to use syringe pump TOP 5530

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