NIHOPHAWA Autoclave AS50 – AS100

NIHOPHAWA Autoclave with horizontal door

NIHOPHAWA Autoclave with sliding door

Autoclave AS250M – AS2000M

Plasma autoclave HPS-30 – Distributor: Nihophawa

Plasma autoclave HPS-50 – Distributor: Nihophawa

Plasma autoclave HPS60/80/100

Sterilizer, Incubator

NIHOPHAWA Incubator 32 – 108 L

NIHOPHAWA Sterilizer 121 – 436L

NIHOPHAWA Incubator 32 – 108 L

NIHOPHAWA Autoclave with sliding door

Suction Pump

Low-pressure Suction Pump ST1800

High-Pressure Suction Pump ES1000

Suction Unit ES2000


Nihophawa air purifier ASP8000

Infusion pump MJ200 – TOP Japan

Infusion pump TOP-2300 / Nihophawa

Nihophawa bag sealing machine – HP650


Medical waste treatment system 6 – 10 kg/cycle

MEDIBURNER medical waste incinerator

Medical waste treatment system 20 – 90 kg/cycle

Medical waste treatment system 140AT


Wastewater treatment system 1- 8 m3/day

Wastewater treatment system 10 – 350 m³/day

Wastewater treatment system 400 – 900 m³/day

With long manufacturing experience, our team of sales, engineering, installation and service specialists will assist you in ensuring the required sterilization process and disposal procedures.

10 năm kinh nghiệm Nihophawa

+10 Years of Experience

With more than ten-year establishment and development, Hong Phat has provided a thousand of sterilization equipment, solid medical/industrial waste treatment systems and medical wastewater treatment system…

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Diverse products

Hong Phat’s key products include autoclave, sterilizer, incubator, liquid medical waste treatment systems and solid medical waste treatment systems which use environment-friendly clean technology.

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Customer care

Hong Phat Tech Co., Ltd is proud of its emplyees who are enthusiastic, dynamic, eager to learn and qualified, especially trained in Group of seven (G7) and European countries. Exprienced staff used to work in large corporations.

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Fast delivery

Using fast and convenient delivery services for safe delivery, Hong Phat Tech Co., Ltd is committed to delivering to customers on time, on request, at the right place and fully meeting technical safety procedures.