• Business office: No 8, Alley 63/2 Le Duc Tho street, My Dinh 2 ward, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi
  • Telephone: (84.24) 730.99686
  • Fax: (84.24) 62.670.881
  • Tax Code: 0104262962
  • Email: hongphat@nihophawa.vn
  • Website: www.nihophawa.com.vn
Nồi hấp cửa ngang Nihophawa





With the mission “For the faith of community health”, Hong Phat focused on developing with core areas including:

– Sterilizing equipment

– Equipment for handling hospital waste

– Imported medical equipments

With the desire to bring to the market products – services according to international standards, modern technology and completely new experiences, green and clean to environment.

Hong Phat with pioneering aspirations and investment strategy – sustainable development, striving to become a leading supplier in Vietnam, with prestige and position on Vietnam’s economic map and the future will be the world ; successfully building a series of high-class products and services, contributing to improving the quality of life of the community and elevating the position of Vietnamese people in the international arena.




  • Hong Phat uphold honesty in the company, get the trust of customers as a competitive advantage is always ready to protect the trust that as protect yourself.
  • Hong Phat always strives to fully prepare the capacity to perform, make every effort to ensure its true and higher commitments with customers and partners; especially commitments on product quality – service and implementation schedule.
  • Hong Phat set the word “FAITHFUL” as one of the important foundations of business. We respect the law and maintain professional ethics and social morality at the highest standards.
  • Hong Phat attaches great importance to customers and always takes customers as the center, putting customers’ interests and desires first, striving to bring customers the best products – services, always see the measure Success is customer satisfaction.
  • Hong Phat takes care of customers by voluntariness, understands the mission of serving and only undertakes the task when it is capable.


  • Hong Phat considers creativity to be vitality, a development leverage, to create different values and unique identities in each product – service group.
  • Hong Phat highly values the spirit of dare to think, dare to explore, apply new scientific, technical and technological advances to management and production; always proactively improve and improve the quality of products – services.
  • Hong Phat highly advocates a “Business that always learns and learns”, not afraid to learn or study and “overcome yourself”.


          Hongphat took “Competence, efficiency in each business activity, customer satisfaction” to promote only the aspiration for pioneering because of public health beliefs as a driving force for development.


  • Hong Phat has the goal of: Gathering elite people to make excellent products and services, all members enjoy the full life and contribute to building a growing society.
  • Hong Phat wishes to build a streamlined staff, with both Moral and Talent, where each member is an excellent factor in his or her field of work.
  • Hong develops the concept – The company’s apparatus must be like a healthy, firm and without excess fat. We “sage sergeants” and “treat sand for gold” hope to find the right people, put the right people in the right jobs to promote the ability to create high quality products.


– Hong Phat builds relationships with customers, partners, colleagues, investors and society through goodwill, cordiality and humanistic spirit.

– Hong Phat always attaches great importance to employees as the most valuable asset, building a professional, dynamic, creative and humanistic working environment; Practicing superior welfare policies, facilitating high income and equal development opportunities for all employees.



In Hong Phat, depending on the specific position, there will be separate compulsory standards, but all members meet the requirements: have professional qualifications, determination to develop theirs career, high responsible, high morale. Managers at Hong Phat are the ones who fully develop the core values: “Tin – Tam – Tri – Luc – Tinh – Nhan”, expressing enthusiasm, strong bravery, dare to think, dare to do , dare to take responsibility, have good organization and management capacity. For senior management positions, recruitment requirements are quite strict with mandatory standards of work experience, logical capability, quick judgment, effective analysis and problem solving. Those members have formed a strong team with the same goal as the general development of the Company.

Hong Phat employees always have drastic initiative and creativity in labor under the leadership of sensitive leaders, capable of both flexible and methodical corporate governance, creating Hong Phat’s prestige and class in the market.

Under the leadership of the company leader, Hong Phat people always bring in their culture with their own identity. The culture is deeply humanistic, affectionate, disciplined; built and cultivated by the intelligence and ceaseless creativity of the staff.

Through the journey of growth and development, it is the people of Hong Phat who have made good values ​​today.

Professional human strengths

In each specialized field, the Company has people with deep expertise in that field.

In the field of medical equipment business, with the advantage of business network, long-term working experience of the leadership team, with the enthusiasm of the business staff and the professionalism of the Technical team, our company has been involved in many projects to provide Medical Equipment across the entire territory of Vietnam. In any project, our company has always been recognized for ensuring the schedule as well as the ability to provide quick and convenient maintenance service support. Our engineer team is 90% under 35 years old, dynamic, creative, eager to learn. Therefore, receiving training from foreign partners on maintenance and repair of medical equipment is always very easy. creating many advantages for cooperation between our company and foreign partners when participating in projects in Vietnam

Our Customer

Since its establishment in 2009. Hong Phat Trading and Technology Co., Ltd. has constantly expanded its production and business activities throughout the country, especially projects on medical equipment supply. Medical, Equipment for environmental treatment in health.

The company’s customers include:

  • Ministry of Health and ministerial-level agencies
  • People’s Committees of provinces.
  • Local Health Departments.
  • Shopping centers of ministries and public shopping centers of local Health Departments.
  • Central hospitals, Provincial and District hospitals, Commune Health Center. 

Our principle is:

1)  Best quality products

2) The most reasonable price

3)  Perfect services

4)  Customer satisfaction is our benefit.

5)  Because of public health trust.

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