(Capacity: 23L – Optional: 23 – 31L)

  • Model: HP-20LT
  • Manufacturer: Hong Phat tech Co., Ltd
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Certificate of quality management system standard: ISO 9001:2015; ISO 13485:2016; ISO 14001: 2015;
  • Certificate of free sale for medical equipment and devices in Vietnam, isued by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam No.: 28/2016/BYT-TB-CT on 26th May, 2016.


Autoclave has a modern design, easy to operate and configure based on purpose of use, suitable for clinics, hospitals, medical centers

Technical specifications of autoclave HP-20L

  • Microprocessor controller integrated with pre-installed software, parameters and user interface are displayed via touch keypad and LCD touchscreen.
  • Sterilization pressure range: 0 kgf/cm² to 2.3 kgf/cm²
  • Power supply: 220 VAC + 10%/50 Hz
  • Sterilization chamber: made of SUS 304 or SUS 316 stainless steel
  • Timer mode in real-time and calender
  • Temperature sensor (Optional)
  • Pre-vacuum mode (Optional)
  • Vacuum sterilization (Optional)
  • Water supply system: Automatic

The customized program depends on the need of the customer

  • Sterilization temperature range: 100°C ÷ 136°C (± 1°C)
  • Heating temperature range: 40°C ÷ 60°C (± 1°C)
  • Temperature range for dissolving mode: 40°C ÷ 99°C (± 1°C)

Drying time range: 0 min ÷ 100 hours 0 min (with an increment of 1 min)

There are 10 pre-installed programs

  1. Program 1: Heating -Warming
  2. Program 2: Dissolving mode (Heating-Warming)
  3. Program 3: Sterilization of liquid in the opening container (Liquid Opened)
  4. Program 4: Sterilization of liquid in the closing container (Liquid Closed)
  5. Program 5: Sterilization of tools in the opening form, gloves, plastics
  6. Program 6: Sterilization of tools in the closing form, gloves, heat-resistant plastics
  7. Program 7: Sterilization of fabric,100% PE (Polyester) clothes and stainless steel tools.
  8. Program 8: Sterilization of fabric, 35/65 Cotton (Tixi) clothes and stainless steel tools.
  9. Program 9: Sterilization of fabric, 65/35 Cotton (CVC) clothes and stainless steel tools.

10. Program 10: Sterilize fabric, 100% cotton clothes and stainless steel tools

LCD display:

  • LCD display: 4 rows x 20 characters
  • Display real-time clock
  • Display setting parameters and measured values in real-time
  • Display the installed sterilization temperature
  • Display actual temperature value while the device is operating.
  • Displays the installed protection temperature
  • Display installed time values
  • Display installed sterilization time

·        Display the remaining sterilization time during the operation of device·        Display installed drying time·        Display the remaining drying time during device operation. Display installed time value for device operation in real time

Values and parameters of sterilization cycle: supplying water, removing gas, heating, sterilizing, rinsing, drying, ending with diagrams and language. Signaling by sound at the end of the cycle.

Warning and safety protection functions.

  • Safety valve: operates at pressure of 2.7 kgf/cm².
  • Water pressure for checking. sterilization chamber: 5.4 kgf/cm².
  • Digital overheat protection, from 100°C to 140°C and automatically discharging the exhaust valve to ensure safety for device and user.
  • Automatic error reporting.
  • After 15 minutes when there is insufficient or no water supplied to the device’s water cycle.
  • Lack of water during the sterilization process
  • When the temperature sensor is faulty and automatically stops working.
  • When the resistor breaks and power supply is automatically disconnected.
  • Emergency stop button (in case the automatic valve fails, requiring the user’s intervention).

Anti-leakage of electricity through the anti-shock circuit breaker

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