General information

  • Model: NIHOPHAWA- OS32 – OS108
  • Quality management system standard: ISO9001:2015;

ISO14001:2015; ISO13485:2016; TCVN 6792:2001; CE 93/42/EEC or equivalent

  • Certificate of free sale for medical equipment and devices in Vietnam No.: 28/2016/BYT-TB-CT on 26th May, 2016.

STERILIZER OS32 – OS108 (35 – 108 L)

Sterilizer owns modern vacuum technology, modern design, easy to operate and configure based on purpose of use, suitable for clinics, hospitals, medical centers


  • Main unit and preset devices: 01 unit
  • Enclosed standrad accessories
  • Sterilization tray: 01 pc
  • Power cord: 01 pc
  • Ground wire: 02 m
  • Manual for operation and storage: 01 book

Operating procedure: 01 sheet (attached to the machine)

Technical specifications of Nihophawa sterilizer OS32 – OS108

Casing body

  • Casing body consists of 2 layers.

Sterilization chamber

  • Capacity: ≥ 35 L
  • Material: Made of SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Frame: Made of powder-coated steel
  • Thick mineral wool for heat insulation between two layers


  • Structure of 2 layers: Internal layer is made of SUS 304 stainless steel. External layer: made of powder-coated steel or equivalent
  • Thick mineral wool for heat insulation between two layers
  • Door gasket: soft, air-tight, made of highly durable and heat-resistant silicon rubber.

Tray and shelve

  • The sterilization tray which is roundly and smoothly perforated is made of SUS 304 stainless steel.

Can easily change the position of shelf.

Medical sterilizer includes:

  • The device interfaces with the user through waterproof digital touch control panel and digital LED display.
  • Airflow adjustment component: close/open the door behind fan.
  • Air Recirculation System: forced air recirculation, airflow is controlled through the fan in the horizontal line, fan speed and air speed can be adjusted by control panel.
  • Heat insulation: heating chamber, thermal insulation layer and outer frame.
  • The temperature of door can be maintained at the low level even when the chamber temperature is maximum.
  • Temperature is automatically controlled from the start to the end of cycle.
  • Digital electronic overheat protection function
  • When the overheat protection system operates, Led indicators will light up.
  • The gasket is cooled by fan.
  • Ability to store installed parameters
  • Temperature sensor: Platin or PT.

There are diagrams for operation process via Led indicators.