• Main unit: 01 unit
  • Patient tube (with inlet-adapter): 01 pc
  • Pressure measuring cylinder: 01 set
  • PTFE filter: 01 pc
  • Catheter connector S-6: 01 pc
  • Fuse 1A: 01 pc
  • Plastic suction bottle with handle: 01 pc
  • Manual (Vietnamese): 01 book
Máy hút dịch áp lực thấp ST1800


Đạt chứng nhận phù hợp tiêu Certificate of quality management system standard: ISO 13485, ISO
9001, ISO 14001, CE or equivalent

Máy hút dịch áp lực thấp ST1800
  • The unit is equipped with a standard filter made of PTFE (polytet-rafluoroethylene) to stop mist-like moisture from entering the pump.
  • The housing is made of ABS plastic, helping the unit become lighter and easier to carry.
  • The suction function will stop automatically when the secretion fills up in the suction bottle.
  • Suction pressure: 2 to 20 cmH2O, adjustable.
  • Suction volume: 1.2 L/min
  • Suction bottle capacity: 1800 ml when not plugged in the power cord
  • Power supply: 110 – 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Lithium-on battery: 8000 mAh
  • Operation mode:

+ Closed suction mode.

+ Continuous mode when plugged in: 24/24

+ Continuous mode when not plugged in: 24 hours

+ Interval mode when not plugged in: 48 hours (1-minute operation, 1-minute break)

  • Power consumption: 3.2 VA

Type of protection against electric shock: Class II, Type B

Máy hút dịch áp lực thấp ST1800