Sterilization system by plasma gas and microwave are distributed by Nihophawa

  • Safe sterilization in just one step. As the plasma gas is generated remotely, metal objects will not be damaged during sterilization.
  • Comprehensive sterilization even in invisible areas
  • Sterilization with accuracy under extremely low vacuum conditions

The sterilization process takes place under the ultra-cold vacuum condition in a square aluminum sterilization chamber. Thus, sterilization substances can penetrate into the deepest and smallest areas, bringing outstanding sterilization efficiency.

Máy hấp HPS30


Plasma autoclave HPS30 with low-temperature produces vacuum plasma gas in the sterilization chamber to sterilize medical instruments or medical equipment that are sensitive to high temperature, pressure, and humidity

1OLED screen

Displays the operating status of the device

2Control keyKeys for selecting and starting operation
3Circuit breakerThe device turns off automatically when the power is switched and overloaded
4HandleFor locking and opening doors.
5USBUSB port for data transfer or program upgrade
6Printer (Optional):Prints sterilization date, starting and ending time, frequency of use, errors and sterilization check.
STTTênMiêu tả
1Place of sterilization substance box

used to put sterilization substance box in


Prevent gas in the chamber from leaking to the outside

3Tray rails

Used to put the sterilization trays into the autoclave

4Door lock: Safety device keeps the door closed during
5TraysUsed to store sterilization objects 
6Sterilization chamber

The chamber to put the materials to be sterilized

7Door sensor: Helps check whether the chamber door is closed or not

Do not use the plasma autoclave HPS30 to sterilize the following materials and objects:

  • Products and materials that the manufacturer prohibits from being used for gas autoclave
  • Sterilization objects in powder or liquid form.
  • Sterilization of items in normal saline form.
  • Sterilization objects contain materials that are able to remove solvents.
  • Objects containing fibers such as cotton. cardboard, linen, towels, gauze, sponge or wool.

Objects that cannot withstand vacuum condition or are labeled “must be sterilized by pressurized steam”.

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